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Silicon Development Boards

  • Altera HSMC development boards
  • Xilinx VIRTEX and SPARTAN 6 development boards
  • ARM RealView Hardware Platforms

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The host board connector is Samtec part number ASP-122953-01 (a modified QSH series). The mezzanine card connector is Samtec part number ASP-122952-01 (a modified QTH series). These ASP connectors are partitioned into three banks. Bank 1 in each respective connector has every third signal pin removed to allow for multi-gigahertz differential signaling. Bank 2 and Bank 3 in each respective connector have the entire rows of signal pins filled for various single-ended interface signals.
    ARM RealView Hardware Platforms are suitable for architecture and CPU evaluation, hardware and software design, and ASIC emulation. They are designed to provide value to customers in a number of ways. Versatile is ARMs latest generation family of boards. They are based on high density Q Strip connectors from Samtec which allow several AMBA AHB or AXI buses to be routed between baseboard and daughter cards, also called "tiles". The Versatile Family supports systems based on the ARM7TDMI, ARM926EJ-S, ARM1136JF-S, ARM1156T2F-S, ARM1176JZF-S and ARM11 MPCore and will be the reference architecture for support of new processors.
    XILINX has selected two of Samtec's VITA 57 SEARAY Series connectors as the High Speed interface for VIRTEX- 6 and SPARTAN- 6 Development Boards. These are refered to as "FMC" Connectors (short for FPGA Mezzanine Card). These (socket) connectors and a variety of mating (header) connectors can be purchased directly from Samtec by any customer for use in their own proprietary hardware design.

    The Altera HSMC defines electrical and mechanical properties of a high speed mezzanine card interface. The HSMC connectors defined by the specification are based on the 0.5mm pitch Q Strip QSH/QTH series high speed board-to-board connectors from Samtec.
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