TI has been innovating and impacting the world for nearly 80 years. This is the 50th anniversary of the invention of the integrated circuit, one of the most significant inventions of the 20th century.

    Few companies can match the record of innovations from the inventive minds at Texas Instruments. These advances include such world-changing technology as the first IC and the first electronic handheld calculator.


    By the early 1950s, TI no longer was a little company with big ideas. The company had a new name and it was armed with a revolutionary new technology ? semiconductors. Most important, perhaps, the company's leaders had determination, and they had set their minds on building a worldwide business.
    With the production of the world's first silicon transistor, TI ruled the semiconductor world. And when Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit, he helped trigger the world's second industrial revolution.

    But reaching a leadership position in the market involved more than designing new circuits. TI had to learn to grow its own silicon crystals, develop its own manufacturing and test equipment, and build a global marketing force.

    TI produced the first pocket transistor radio to demonstrate the potential of transistors, and later underscored the value of integrated circuits by building the first digital integrated circuit system. TI's powerful microchips ushered in an era of opportunity in a variety of end-equipment markets. The invention of the calculator-on-a-chip made handheld calculators affordable, and it changed the way math is taught.

    Four decades after it entered the semiconductor market, TI was again poised to take advantage of growth markets. TI targeted system solutions for customers in large, global vertical markets ? such as wireless, broadband access and emerging consumer electronics.

    TI gave his creativity a home and supported his engineers desire to solve problems a tradition the company continues today as it urges young engineers to tackle the worlds most urgent challenges.

    Today ? after lots of hard work, a culture of creativity and innovation, and plenty of capital investment -- TI is the No. 1 producer of analog technology and digital signal processors in the world. TI is a big company with even bigger ideas.
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